July 2011

PhUSE in Philadelphia – The Use of Metadata in Clinical Data Flow

July 6, 2011

The OpenCDISC team is happy to announce the upcoming PhUSE Single Day Event, which will be held in Philadelphia on August 11th at Drexel University‘s downtown campus. If you are not familiar with PhUSE, it’s a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a forum for pharmaceutical programmers to share ideas, knowledge, and new technologies relevant to the future direction of our industry.

The Philadelphia event will focus on "Metadata” and its use throughout the clinical data flow process from protocol design to regulatory submission. Attendees will get a chance to learn and share experiences on a range of topics including the collection of metadata, implementation of metadata repositories, and the use of metadata for legacy data conversion, analysis, and submission. The event will feature a group of excellent speakers and panelists from local sponsors and CROs including Merck, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, and ICON, as well as presentations from the leads of CDISC SHARE, CDISC Protocol Representation, and CDISC XML Technologies teams.

The event is free to PhUSE members and only $40 for non-members. We think this is a great opportunity to mingle and share ideas with your colleagues and we highly recommend it to all OpenCDISC community members.

Check out this link for more information http://www.phuse.eu/One-Day-Events2011USAPhil.aspx