Customer Success Manager

Based in Philadelphia, Pinnacle 21 is a leader in clinical trial data software and services. Our vision is a clean data pipeline that ends in a successful regulatory submission. We're an established startup that builds software to streamline the drug approval process, bringing life-saving medicines to patients faster. Pinnacle 21 is a certified Great Place to Work, and we're looking for motivated talent. Come help us revolutionize clinical trials and streamline the drug approval process.

Work that matters When good drugs get delayed to the market, it’s not just money that’s wasted. Every day we save gives that many more patients longer, healthier lives.

Work autonomously Enjoy the freedom to develop your talents without being micromanaged. We’ll support you as you add to your skillset and grow to own multiple projects

Global footprint We serve a diverse community of users from around the world. Our software is the industry standard for preparing clinical trial data for regulatory submission.

What you’ll be doing

As our Customer Success Manager, you will align our goals with those of our clients, maximizing the value we transfer to each other. You will ensure that we understand our clients’ problems and needs, and that they understand and benefit from our software solutions. As the hub of vendor-client intelligence, you will be relied on to guarantee feature adoption and client business success—which should result in customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue growth, as well as direction for our product development efforts.

Account Manager: Escort clients along their journey with us.

  • Serve as point of contact starting after initial sale and onboarding clients from their first install (implementation) to expanded use and later version upgrades (adoption).
  • Build professional client relationships, facilitating online meetings and offline emails and tickets; follow or create scripts for standard steps in the client journey.
  • Move clients through the admin steps surrounding installs and upgrades in tandem with our Implementation Managers and Technical Operations Teams; provide ongoing support for all clients, and extra care for those who are new and/or at-risk.

Product Evangelist: Educate clients on our features and their intended use.

  • Study our documentation and experiment in our testing environments to learn our selling points, the differences between versions, and the steps for using each feature.
  • Route clients through our knowledge libraries to circulate our marketing, training, and informational content, generating excitement and preempting FAQs.
  • Represent our Product Managers and Clinical Data Consultants in training users in our intended use cases and supporting their adoption of our advanced features.
  • Lure clients onto the latest version of our software by negotiating for their IT resources and articulating our value propositions.

Customer Advocate & Communicator: Move key info between clients and our teams.

  • Research each client extensively, writing your findings in our CRM system and triaging which questions we should ask next; facilitate interviews with existing clients biweekly for premium accounts and annually for small pilot accounts.
  • Document all discussions with pre-call agenda, post-call notes/minutes, and service desk tickets to track bug reports, feature ideas, or information requests; triage the resulting action steps based on client account size, urgency, and scalability of the solution.
  • Find answers independently by troubleshooting bugs, shadowing our experts, and teaching yourself about our products; remain humble and know when to defer to an expert—which will be most of the time at first.

Business Analyst: Ask good questions and listen to clients’ pain points.

  • Drive client satisfaction by tracking both stories and stats that show account health.
  • Gather qualitative intel from direct observation of client environments and anecdotal evidence from routine interviews, e.g., pain points, nuances in their use cases, feedback on features, and opportunities for more training.
  • Gather quantitative intel from analysis of client click paths and usage metrics to identify patterns of (mis)use, interpreting these insights in light of their stories.
  • Identify gaps and overlaps between clients’ existing processes and our intended use cases to advise their scope and sequence in adopting our solutions.

Out of Scope: Things we already have covered.

  • Our key value proposition is that we offer the same software to every client and regulatory authority to standardize data handling across industry and government. Note: Unlike some software boutiques, we do not create custom apps or novel interfaces client-by-client. Instead, we focus on educating and informing clients to better use the features they all already share, and we reject the majority of one-off change requests.

What we’re looking for

Must be

  • Curious about our clients and products, cautious with our brand and industry goodwill, conscientious in follow-through
  • Willing to learn and serve, flexible in adapting to rapid organizational change, receptive of constructive criticism
  • Thick skin in being able to take heat from big clients when things go wrong outside of your control, unafraid to ask (and re-ask) team members to deliver on their promises
  • High tolerance for ambiguity, low tolerance for mess; able to create order out of chaos, attend to details, and push quality higher
  • Service-obsessed, motivated to go above and beyond to assist clients, able to gain client trust as an advisor while also furthering our company goals
  • Smooth and exact in communicating, writing, presenting, and facilitating; able to shift from calming “bedside manner” to exuberant sales-mode to calculating negotiator
  • Relentlessly resourceful and discerning in solving problems independently vs. seeking help from others; brave yet humble in working across multi-disciplinary teams where each person is more of an expert than you in their chosen field


  • Ability to work in a remote position requiring constant spoken and written communication; skill in exerting influence (even on company founders, owners, and partners) without leverage or managerial authority
  • Education or qualifications relating to business, programming, data science, health sciences, medical writing, customer support, project management, or corporate communications
  • Experience working for a software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendor, clinical laboratory, pharmaceutical company, or Contract Research Organization (CRO), specifically in functions supporting Clinical Data Management, Biostatistics, or CDISC data submissions

A bit about us

As clinical trial data are collected and prepared for submission to a health authority, our platform ensures they comply with data standards and are ready for regulatory review. It's used by the FDA, Japan’s PMDA, and global biopharmaceutical sponsors and clinical research organizations to validate clinical trial data. We empower the life sciences industry to ensure clinical data quality or “fitness,” enabling fast and smooth marketing approvals. In fact, it's our platform that drives the FDA’s 21st Century Review Initiative.

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