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Our Story

Over 12 years of history boiled down to a page

From garage tinkering,
to passion project, to
open source, to open
core... regulatory recommendation, to industry gold standard. We’ve evolved quite a ways. We started by trying to save ourselves some keystrokes in cleaning up clinical data. Then we ended up helping improve the clinical trial and regulatory processes themselves. Ambition much?

Looking back, it seems obvious that clinical data would standardize, and that its processing would automate. But it’s taken—and is still taking—massive effort industry-wide. Sometimes you just have to make the future that you want to live in. Read on for our role in this change.

“Is this going to be on the quiz?” No need to memorize these names and dates, but they do show an honest timeline of our ups and downs thus far. In such a guarded industry, you might enjoy our candid series of anecdotes.

It’s what we do that defines us.

As you click through our timeline, you’ll notice our story has some recurring themes. You often hear in HR that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. If so, we’re on the right path. Here are four traits we’re known to be.


We too are users of our own software, so we feel for you. In fact, we built it for ourselves, in our past lives as data exchange specialists. Our software is truly made by and for real-life standards, programming, and analytics teams.


Some startups never get that elusive “product-market fit.” We had it from the start. Our users gave us strong pull, and we built out a platform that solves real needs for pressing use cases. No $400 smart juicers are in our product pipeline.


Industry recognition by CDISC, the FDA and PMDA, and the majority of pharma, biotech, and CROs has made us a familiar name in our niche. From our 2016 TOPRA award to our 2019 Great Place to Work status, we have a track record success in the world of clinical data.


We pay it forward. From the lonely first months coding our open source project, to our current pro bono support for COVID-19 vaccine initiatives. We know well the principle of “give before you get.” Karma’s quite nice if you treat her well.

Our story is still being written.

And one of its key characters is…you! As a customer, you shape our future features and put our platform to work in service of life-saving treatments. As a teammate, you create value that powers us forward. Our narratives intersect. Read on to learn more about our teams, products, and openings.

Your challenges may seem dauntingly unique, but our leaders really have seen it all. They run a nimble team, stay hands-on, and steer towards success. Here are some faces to go with the names on our articles, webinars, and WebEx handles.

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Pinnacle 21 Enterprise assures you that your clinical data are fit to submit. See how pharma, biotech, CROs, and regulators accelerate clinical trials with our data platform. Optimize your data journey from collection and processing to submission.

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We’re a flat team alive with founder energy. We aren't big on office politics or saying, “Not my job.” You’ll fit in if you like meaningful work and aspire to fix serious pain points in the world of medicine. It’s a hard and worthy task.

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