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When was your last good one-on-one with a CEO?

Nowhere else are there leaders better versed in clinical data.

This group has spent the last twelve years consulting on CDISC standards, accelerating data workflows big and small. You’ve likely seen their keynotes or read their white papers. They’ve raised the bar for data quality industry-wide…and then helped clients pole vault over it.

Our leaders are still humble and hungry. They know that, as clients adopt us, we adopt their unmet needs and pressing goals. The responsibility is keenly felt. Stop by and you’ll see our founders poring over code, or half the board taking a 5:00 a.m. client call with Japan. They lead by investing in their clients, and, internally, in their employees. Their Outlook calendars are late-game Tetris fields, but they really do have open doors.

Our leadership team knows how to add value: listen to clients and write good code. We sort into departments and get titles, but the value propositions are the same. We're either acting as ears, hearing a client's needs at the first demo or resolving a support ticket. Or we're writing good code, be it for a periodic version update or a new feature module.

Listen Hard

Have you vented to your family over dinner about finicky aCRF page numbering? Were they no help? You'll find more empathy in us. Like veteran therapists, we hear you when you hit an integration roadblock, when you're bound to a legacy tool, when a mystery validation rule fires. We're not just throwing releases over the fence.

Question Further

We've seen a lot but can still be surprised. Thousands use our software, and the sum of their activity gives us metrics and insights into best practices. Sometimes "the street finds its own uses for things," and your unique use case (or misuse case?) shapes our tech roadmap. In fact, our Lead Product Manager was once a super-user who pestered us with so many good ideas that we hired her to build them.

Get to Work

We execute for you. Users in our Enterprise family get our premium care. Serving you better is what motivates us. As we work, we refer to you by name. Check our Slack history, and you'll see. "Lauren needs this fix rolled out before her Phase III starts next month." "Shiva is gonna love this feature. It'll save her 10 hours a week." Customer Success isn't just one of our departments. It's what we live for.

Max Kanevsky
Inna Lernerman
Tim Stone
Sergiy Sirichenko
Diane Egger
Martin Snyder
Michael DiGiantomasso
Liam Munley
Chikaaki Nakao

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