August 2014

Creating Define.xml 2.0 with OpenCDISC Webinar — Recap

August 27, 2014

The “Creating Define.xml 2.0 with OpenCDISC” webinars that ran on August 12th and 14th seemed to have served a big need. We had a total of 311 attendees across the two webinars, and received many thoughtful questions.

Bottom line: a lot of you have been struggling with Define.xml, and are excited to have a tool that can create FDA-compliant Define.xml 2.0 files so quickly and assuredly. But, as with any new technological solution, there is a learning process involved.

OpenCDISC Live comes to New Jersey

August 6, 2014

OpenCDISC Live is making its way to North Jersey for the second stop on our 2014 tour! Enjoy this opportunity
to meet the developers of OpenCDISC face-to-face, ask questions, collaborate and learn.

In our second Forum, we'll be discussing how to prepare for the new FDA JumpStart and DataFit processes. We'll also give you an in-depth look at OpenCDISC Enterprise and show you how its new advancements can assist the process.

Eventbrite - OpenCDISC Live New Jersey