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Pinnacle 21 is committed to protecting your privacy. Here you can find the privacy principles that guide everything we do and what we stand for as a company. If you want to know exactly what we are doing to protect the privacy of your information and to keep your information secure, you can read our Website Privacy Policy and Community Privacy Policy.


We want our customers and users to know everything they need to know before trusting us with their sensitive data. To show you how important privacy is to Pinnacle 21, we developed Privacy Basics to help you easily understand what information we collect when you use our products, how we use it, with whom we may share it, and your choices. In case you want to know more, we also have a Privacy Policy that’s not written in legalese, so you won’t have to call your lawyer every time you want to use our products or services.


Because we believe that truly protecting your privacy means not turning you into the product, we do not sell the information we collect about you to third parties. We will only disclose your information to third parties in the circumstances detailed in our Website Privacy Policy and Community Privacy Policy.


We continually improve our security systems and invest time and resources in making sure that your data and information are kept secure. We only contract with third parties if they can demonstrate that they hold the same (or higher) security standards as we do. Because we don’t want any loose ends, we also train our employees to be privacy-savvy and to know how to safeguard your information and data.


Why do we want to collect your information, anyway? At Pinnacle 21, we believe that there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we care about collecting your information: we want to know how our clients interact with our products so we can figure out which features they love and which ones need to be perfected, what capabilities they’d like our products to have, which features they don’t really use, etc.


We will always allow you to choose how much Personal Information you want to share with us, and you will even have the option to direct us to delete any Personal Information we have ever collected about you from our records. However, keep in mind that some of our products’ functionalities might be limited, or not work, if you decide not to share some of your Personal Information.

If you’ve ever tried to read (or wish that you could understand) a privacy policy before, you know how long and technical they tend to be. We’ve all been there, but we still don’t know anyone who has ever enjoyed it. Since you have made it this far, you probably (really) care about your privacy, so we want to make things as easy as possible for you because Pinnacle 21 was literally created to facilitate processes. These Privacy Basics are intended to give you a summary of what you absolutely need to know about our privacy practices before using our website or Pinnacle 21 Community, but if you’re feeling adventurous and would like to read our full, detailed Privacy Policy, you can click here and here. Please note that, if your business/employer has executed an agreement permitting use of the Pinnacle 21 Enterprise software-as-a-service platform, then that agreement will govern our collection and use of information while you are using Pinnacle 21 Enterprise or any of its related services.

What we collect

When you visit our website or use Pinnacle 21 Community, we will collect two kinds of information: Personal Information and Non-Personal Information. Personal Information can be used to identify you, so it’s very important to us that you know what pieces of Personal Information we can collect from our customers and users. Please read the Website Privacy Policy and Community Privacy Policy to learn exactly what Personal Information and Non-Personal Information we will collect.

Examples of the Personal Information we might collect when you use our website or Pinnacle 21 Community include:

  • Your IP address;
  • Information about you that you submit to us (such as your name, email address, business address, phone number, username and password, job description, and country where you are located);
  • Contact and other information collected during your interactions with Pinnacle 21; and
  • Unique identifiers (also known as GUID) that we create.

Some of the types of Non-Personal Information we might collect when you use our website or Pinnacle 21 Community include:

  • Information about your device (such as what hardware and software you use to access our products or website);
  • Information about how you use our products or website (such as which features you use and how often, what content you access, and your language preferences); or
  • Information about your location (such as your city and state, but not your precise geographic location).

What we do with it

If you’re wondering why we bother to collect all this information in the first place, here are some examples of what we may do with it:

  • Make our website and our products work;
  • Monitor our website’s and our products’ performance;
  • Develop, support, and improve our website and our products;
  • Keep our website and our products secure;
  • Create de-identified user metrics and analytics (which we use internally for website and product development and improvement);
  • Display customized content; and
  • Communicate with our users and customers.

How we share it

Sometimes sharing is not caring, and we care. We care about your privacy and the privacy of your company. For that reason, we will not sell or disclose your Personal Information to third parties for their own marketing purposes. The only times that we might need to disclose your Personal Information to third parties are:

  • When we need to do so in order to provide our services or allow a third party to perform functions on our behalf;
  • To comply with laws and regulations, to cooperate with law enforcement, or to prevent harm to others or ourselves; or
  • In the unlikely event that our company is sold to a third party or files for bankruptcy.

Your Non-Personal Information, on the other hand, may be disclosed to our clients, business partners, independent contractors, investors, potential buyers, or other third parties, but only after it has been de-identified and grouped with information about other consumers so that it is anonymous. This means that this information cannot, under any reasonable circumstances, be used to personally identify you.


Pinnacle 21 Community is an open-source tool designed to help you make sure your trial and study data is CDISC, SDTM and ADaM compliant. Pinnacle 21 Community is available to download for free from our website, subject to the open source license agreement that applies to it. It includes several tools, such as Pinnacle 21 Validator to help ensure that your data is CDISC compliant, Define.xml Generator to create metadata in standardized format, a Data Converter to generate datasets, and a Miner to help you find information on all existing trials and studies. We know that your privacy is a priority to you, and we feel the same way, so we’ve developed a Privacy Policy specific to Pinnacle 21 Community users to help you understand what information we collect when you download and use our software, how we use it, and with whom we share it.


Pinnacle 21 Enterprise is a cloud hosted, fully managed, validated, and supported data standardization pipeline. In 2011, we created this game-changing product that has become the life science industry’s universally adopted platform. By using our unique Software-as-a-Service solution, you can make sure that the clinical and pre-clinical data you submit to FDA and PMDA is in a standardized format that will comply with their requirements, so your approval process is efficient and trouble-free. Our use of information collected through Pinnacle 21 Enterprise and/or its related services is governed by the Pinnacle 21 Enterprise agreement (or equivalent agreement) between Pinnacle 21 and your business or employer.


Our website is an informational resource for our current and potential clients to learn more about who we are and what we do. Here you can join our community by participating in forums, reading our blog, and downloading Pinnacle 21 Community, the open source version of our software. You can also learn more about our company, our products and services, find open employment opportunities, subscribe to our newsletter, request a demo of Pinnacle 21 Enterprise, learn more about validation rules, access important documentation, and much more. We’re committed to protecting your privacy, so we have developed a Privacy Policy specific to our website to help you understand what information we collect when you visit this website, how we use it, and with whom we share it.

Pinnacle ID gives you the opportunity to sign up for an account with Pinnacle 21. We created Pinnacle ID as a way to stay connected with our users and clients, get to know them better, and offer them exclusive benefits. Although you are not required to create a Pinnacle ID account in order to use any of our products, doing so has many benefits, such as:

  • Allowing you to access all of our services with a unique login, including our forum, webinars and other educational resources.;
  • Allowing you full access to Pinnacle 21’s web services, including enabling automatic updates to validation engines, rules, CDISC terminologies, and external dictionaries;
  • Receiving important communications about our products;
  • Participating in our online forum, where you can interact with other users, ask questions about our products, get industry news, receive assistance with troubleshooting, give us feedback, and more; and
  • Attending Pinnacle 21 webinars, where you can learn more about our products’ features and how to maximize your use of them.

If you want to register for Pinnacle ID, click here.

Last updated: January 1, 2021

Community Privacy Policy

About this Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to Pinnacle 21 Community ("Community"), which is owned and operated by Pinnacle 21 LLC, a Delaware limited liability company ("we," "us" or "our"). It also applies to information provided to us offline (such as through in-person interactions or through our telephone support), but it does not apply to information we collect from our employees, vendors or contractors. By downloading Community, you consent to this Privacy Policy, which supplements the Pinnacle 21 Open Source Software License and the Pinnacle 21 Website Privacy Policy.

We may update this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the latest version on this page, with or without prior notice. If we make any material changes, we will post a notice on our Website prior to the changes becoming effective. The "last updated" date at the top of this page will tell you the last time we made any changes.

What information do we collect when you download Community?

When you download Community, we collect Personal Information and non-Personal Information (depending partly on whether you sign up for Pinnacle ID or not, as fully explained below). While Personal Information can be used to identify an individual, non-Personal Information cannot. Because we respect your privacy, we will not use any non-Personal Information that we collect to try to identify you. However, if we later combine your non-Personal Information with your Personal Information, we will treat the resulting information as Personal Information and be extra careful when we store it. Just so you know, this information may be collected either by us or by one of our service providers, but either way this Privacy Policy will govern how we handle it.

The only Personal Information we may collect (and store) when you download Community is:

  • If you signed up for Pinnacle ID, information associated with your user ID, such as:
    • Name;
    • Email address;
    • Password;
    • Job type;
    • Country; and
    • Globally Unique Identifier ("GUID" - A GUID is an arbitrary ID number that a company can use to uniquely identify users of their websites or products).
  • If you haven’t signed up for Pinnacle ID, we will only collect your GUID.

Whether you have signed up for Pinnacle ID or not, your GUID will be tied to reports containing information about:

  • Performance and reliability of Community (such as the time it takes to complete a validation or a data conversion task, and how many problems you experience running Community); and
  • Community use (such as the features that you use most often, how frequently you launch the Community tools, how many records or how much data you process, what rule sets and dictionaries you use, and what issues are triggered when using different Community features).

Examples of non-Personal Information we may collect when you download Community are:

  • What web browser or device you use to download it;
  • Your language preferences; and
  • The city and state from which you downloaded Community (but not your precise geographic location).

We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from users under 18 years of age, and we do not authorize users under 18 years of age to use our services. If we learn that we have accidentally collected Personal Information from a person under the age of 18, we will promptly delete that data from our systems.

What do we do with the information we collect?

How we use the information we collect when you download Community depends on whether you have signed up for Pinnacle ID or not.

If you have not signed up for Pinnacle ID, we may use your information to:

  • Improve our products and services: we collect information to help us learn how our users interact with Community in order to figure out ways in which we could make it, and all of our products and services, better; and
  • Keep Community secure: data privacy and security are always our top priority, so we collect information to identify and prevent security risks in order to make sure that your information is safe.

If you have signed up for Pinnacle ID, we may also use your information to:

  • Create one global account: we use your Pinnacle ID to create a single account through which you can access our products and services, including our forum, webinar, and other educational resources;
  • Access Pinnacle 21 Web Services: Pinnacle ID will allow you to enable automatic updates to Community, including updates to validation engines, rules, CDISC terminologies, and external dictionaries; and
  • Communicate with Community users: we collect information to send newsletters, RSS feeds, and any other communications that our users have signed up for or otherwise agreed to receive from us; we also send account-related communications, such as welcome emails or notifications related to our software or services or your use of Community, and information regarding other Pinnacle 21 products or services that we think might interest you.

With whom do we share your information?

We may disclose your information to third parties under the following circumstances only:

  • If you have signed up for Pinnacle ID, we may disclose your Personal Information to our service providers in order to send you communications relating to our company and our software and services.
  • We may also disclose your Personal Information when we need to do so in order to provide our services or allow a third party to perform functions on our behalf, to comply with laws and regulations, to cooperate with law enforcement, to prevent harm to others or ourselves, and in the unlikely event that our company is sold to a third party or files for bankruptcy. Only those employees and service providers who need access to Personal Information in order to help us provide our services will have access to it, and they are all bound by confidentiality obligations that we take very seriously.

We may disclose other information we collect after we have de-identified it and anonymously grouped it with information we collected about other users so that it cannot be used to identify you. We may choose to share that de-identified, anonymous information with our clients, business partners, vendors, investors, potential buyers of our company, and other third parties if we believe that such disclosure is necessary for our business purposes or to make sure that Community is performing like we expect it to. This de-identified, anonymous information cannot be used to re-identify you.

How do we keep your information safe?

Safeguarding your information is a significant priority for us. For example, we use Secure Socket Layer encryption technology to protect Personal Information, and firewalls to help prevent external access into our network. However, keep in mind that, despite our best efforts, data transmission over the Internet and data storage can never be 100% secure.

If our Website links to or integrates with third party websites, services, or apps, we will not be responsible for their data privacy and security practices or policies. Please review their privacy and security policies if you want to know how such third parties use and protect your information.

Accessing/Updating/Deleting Your Personal Information

If you would like to delete, update, or access the Personal Information we have collected from you, and/or deactivate or delete your Pinnacle 21 account, you can send an email to Once we have verified your request, we will make reasonable efforts to comply with it, unless we have a legitimate interest in retaining your Personal Information as permissible under applicable law. If we do retain your information pursuant to a legitimate interest of Pinnacle 21, we will only continue to use your information in furtherance of this legitimate interest. We also reserve the right to limit or decline repeated, abusive, harassing, or otherwise unreasonable requests.


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