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Maintain a single source of truth that's always up to date

All your teamwork.
All in one spot. Never
lost in an inbox.

Validation is just the beginning. Your data issues have been flagged. You see which have the highest impact on regulatory review. Now what? Enter Issue Management: your team's cloud-based workbench for resolving or explaining noncompliant data. Use it to make measurable progress towards submission.

With our proven “Fix Tips” as guides, work through issues across decentralized teams. Bypass the mess of email archives and manual versioning. It can be as collaborative or as clamped-down as you need. You control access and can toggle which departments and alliance partners do what.

Divide and Conquer

Collaborate with devs and external vendors alike to standardize datasets. Internal comments and @mentions give you roundtrip resolutions, all in one app.

Issue status and ownership are transparent. Always know who's got the potato. Activity logs let you close out and approve without second guessing.

Leverage Your

Bulk actions and automations help you process batches fast. Set custom defaults for validation issues by pre-setting their status and source.

Supplement our issue "Fix Tips" with company-specific advice for your teams. For unfixable issues, recycle boilerplate explanations for the Reviewer's Guide.

Bring Your Own

"All compliant datasets are alike; each noncompliant one is noncompliant in its own way." Our process-agnostic platform enables any complex use case.

With a suite of tags and filters, you can fix issues now with programming, delegate them, or let them resolve over time.

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