October 2015

Introducing OpenCDISC Enterprise 3.0

October 27, 2015


Pinnacle 21 is proud to announce the launch of OpenCDISC Enterprise 3.0, which will be available November 2, 2015. This enhanced, comprehensive, web-based application makes it easier than ever to manage standards compliance over the entire study life-cycle.

Now, instead of validating data right before regulatory submission (and unearthing a world of problems), you can manage it from the beginning: controlling your process, mitigating your risk, and reducing your time to market.

“Continuous Compliance” is Pinnacle 21’s proprietary approach for managing and ensuring consistent data from the moment you design the protocol all the way through to FDA and PMDA submission — and OpenCDISC Enterprise 3.0 is the tool that drives it. The result is an intelligent process that:

  • Eliminates risk
  • Saves time and money
  • Achieves faster FDA approval