Thank you for your interest in contributing to the OpenCDISC community! There are several areas in which you can provide assistance:

User Feedback

Using the tools, asking or answering questions in the forums, reporting bugs, and making feature requests are all ways you can provide valued feedback. Your feedback can strongly drive the projects and the community's overall direction.


OpenCDISC projects depend on developer contributions in the form of both, new code and bug fixes. Helping out in development helps the projects move forward, and is the best way to ensure that OpenCDISC can do what you need it to do on your next project.


We can never have enough documentation, especially in our industry. You can be a valuable resource to the community by providing fine-grained API documentation, writing step-by-step tutorials, or even producing webcasts to demonstrate how OpenCDISC tools work.


If you are a quality assurance expert, we need your help in identifying validation requirements for individual OpenCDISC projects, producing required deliverables and assisting in testing. Validation is critical in ensuring that OpenCDISC tools are commercial-grade. Still interested? Let us know!