CDISC Terminology for Validation

The below terminologies are compatible with Community versions 2.1.3 and 2.2.0 only. They are not compatible with Community 3.0.0 or greater. 

SDTM Terminology

SDTM Terminology 2021-03-26.odm.xml (7.0 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2020-12-18.odm.xml (6.9 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2020-09-25.odm.xml (6.6 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2020-06-26.odm.xml (6.7 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2020-05-08.odm.xml (6.7 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2020-03-27.odm.xml (6.5 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2019-12-20.odm.xml (6.4 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2019-09-27.odm.xml (6.3 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2019-06-28.odm.xml (6.2 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2019-03-29.odm.xml (6.1 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2018-12-21.odm.xml (6 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2018-09-28.odm.xml (6 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2018-06-29.odm.xml (6 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2018-03-30.odm.xml (5.8 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2017-12-22.odm.xml (5.5 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2017-09-29.odm.xml (5.2 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2017-06-30.odm.xml (4.7 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2017-03-31.odm.xml (4.3 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2016-12-16.odm.xml (4.2 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2016-09-30.odm.xml (3.9 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2016-06-24.odm.xml (3.9 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2016-03-25.odm.xml (3.7 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2015-12-18.odm.xml (3.6 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2015-09-25.odm.xml (2.1 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2015-09-25.odm.xml (1.4 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2015-06-26.odm.xml (2 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2015-06-26.odm.xml (1.4 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2015-03-27.odm.xml (2 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2015-03-27.odm.xml (1.4 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2014-12-19.odm.xml (1.9 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2014-12-19.odm.xml (1.4 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2014-10-06.odm.xml (1.8 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2014-10-06.odm.xml (1.3 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2014-09-26.odm.xml (1.8 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2014-09-26.odm.xml (1.3 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2014-06-27.odm.xml (1.7 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2014-06-27.odm.xml (1.3 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2014-03-28.odm.xml (1.6 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2014-03-28.odm.xml (1.2 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2013-12-20.odm.xml (1.6 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2013-12-20.odm.xml (1.1 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2013-10-04.odm.xml (1.5 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2013-10-04.odm.xml (980.6 KB)
SDTM Terminology 2013-06-28.odm.xml (1.5 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2013-06-28.odm.xml (874 KB)
SDTM Terminology 2013-04-12.odm.xml (1.4 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2013-04-12.odm.xml (683.2 KB)
SDTM Terminology 2012-12-21.odm.xml (1.4 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2012-12-21.odm.xml (684.6 KB)
SDTM Terminology 2012-08-03.odm.xml (1.3 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2012-08-03.odm.xml (534 KB)
SDTM Terminology 2012-06-29.odm.xml (1.3 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2012-06-29.odm.xml (533.6 KB)
SDTM Terminology 2012-03-23.odm.xml (1.2 MB)
QS-FT Terminology 2012-03-23.odm.xml (338.1 KB)
SDTM Terminology 2011-12-09.odm.xml (1.2 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2011-07-22.odm.xml (1.1 MB)
SDTM Terminology 2011-06-10.odm.xml (1.1 MB)

SEND Terminology

SEND Terminology 2021-03-26.odm.xml (2.5 MB)
SEND Terminology 2020-12-18.odm.xml (2.5 MB)
SEND Terminology 2020-09-25.odm.xml (2.4 MB)
SEND Terminology 2020-06-26.odm.xml (2.5 MB)
SEND Terminology 2020-05-08.odm.xml (2.4 MB)
SEND Terminology 2020-03-27.odm.xml (2.4 MB)
SEND Terminology 2019-12-20.odm.xml (2.4 MB)
SEND Terminology 2019-09-27.odm.xml (2.3 MB)
SEND Terminology 2019-06-28.odm.xml (2.3 MB)
SEND Terminology 2019-03-29.odm.xml (2.2 MB)
SEND Terminology 2018-12-21.odm.xml (2.2 MB)
SEND Terminology 2018-09-28.odm.xml (2.5 MB)
SEND Terminology 2018-06-29.odm.xml (2.4 MB)
SEND Terminology 2018-03-30.odm.xml (2.4 MB)
SEND Terminology 2017-12-22.odm.xml (2.3 MB)
SEND Terminology 2017-09-29.odm.xml (2.3 MB)
SEND Terminology 2017-06-30.odm.xml (1.9 MB)
SEND Terminology 2017-03-31.odm.xml (1.9 MB)
SEND Terminology 2016-12-16.odm.xml (1.9 MB)
SEND Terminology 2016-09-30.odm.xml (1.8 MB)
SEND Terminology 2016-06-24.odm.xml (1.8 MB)
SEND Terminology 2016-03-25.odm.xml (1.8 MB)
SEND Terminology 2015-12-18.odm.xml (1.8 MB)
SEND Terminology 2015-09-25.odm.xml (1.6 MB)
SEND Terminology 2015-06-26.odm.xml (1.6 MB)
SEND Terminology 2015-03-27.odm.xml (1.5 MB)
SEND Terminology 2014-12-19.odm.xml (1.5 MB)
SEND Terminology 2014-09-26.odm.xml (1.4 MB)
SEND Terminology 2014-06-27.odm.xml (1.4 MB)
SEND Terminology 2014-03-28.odm.xml (1.3 MB)
SEND Terminology 2013-12-20.odm.xml (1.3 MB)
SEND Terminology 2013-10-04.odm.xml (1.3 MB)
SEND Terminology 2013-06-28.odm.xml (1.3 MB)
SEND Terminology 2013-04-12.odm.xml (1.2 MB)
SEND Terminology 2012-12-21.odm.xml (1.2 MB)
SEND Terminology 2012-08-03.odm.xml (1.2 MB)
SEND Terminology 2012-03-23.odm.xml (1.1 MB)
SEND Terminology 2011-12-09.odm.xml (1.1 MB)
SEND Terminology 2011-07-22.odm.xml (1 MB)
SEND Terminology 2011-06-10.odm.xml (1 MB)

ADaM Terminology

ADaM Terminology 2020-11-06.odm.xml (10 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2020-09-25.odm.xml (9.7 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2020-06-26.odm.xml (10 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2020-03-27.odm.xml (8.3 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2019-12-20.odm.xml (7.9 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2019-03-29.odm.xml (9.1 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2018-12-21.odm.xml (8.2 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2017-09-29.odm.xml (8.1 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2017-03-31.odm.xml (8 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2016-12-16.odm.xml (7.4 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2016-09-30.odm.xml (7.6 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2016-03-25.odm.xml (7.6 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2015-12-18.odm.xml (7.3 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2014-09-26.odm.xml (6.8 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2011-07-22.odm.xml (5.3 KB)
ADaM Terminology 2011-06-10.odm.xml (5.3 KB)

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