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The check AD1012 doesn't behave as expected for the PCHGCATy. As the variable PCHGCATy is already of length 8 and the respective N variable provided would be PCHGCAyN, ADaM Validator shows PCHGCAyN does not have a primary variable, but this is not the case. Would it be possible to handle the PCHGCATy in the check AD1012?




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r Rong
on May 2, 2018

In the datasets, I have included AVALCATy/AVALCAyN and BASECATy/BASECAyN, but there is still the error message "Secondary variable is present but its primary variable is not present" and the variables were identified as BASECAy and AVALCAy. I'm very confused on this.P21 error message

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