j Jeff


I am wondering whether it is possible to add additional info into define.xml using OpenCDISC, for example, Origin of variables, Comment to variables, usually these info has to be included in define.pdf.

Any thoughts are highly appreciated.

Jeff Xia 

Forums: Define.xml

m Max
on July 13, 2010

Hi Jeff,

The current version of the tool does not provide any mechanism to modify the generated define.xml. You could use any XML editor to add the additional metadata. Here is a recent forum post with more information:


We are however planning to add this functionality in future releases.


j Jeff
on July 14, 2010

Thanks Max.

I am thinking whether it is possible to populate the Origin or Comment field for each variable using a Excel Spreadsheet, the same way as to populate the CodeList. Maybe in the future releaseof OpenCDISC?


m Max
on July 14, 2010

Hi Jeff,

You are right. Our idea was to enhance the CodeList spreadsheet to allow import of the additional metadata.

Thanks, Max

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