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I am using the validator tool with contractors who are giving us files. Some have started to use the it as well. This is very good! But we are finding some bugs and it would be good to have a central location to get a list of the known bugs in the current validator release.

What is great is that you have quickly updated the software so perhaps this is asking too much given the workload. Still if this information could be shared then it would help with error checking.


Dave Borbas

Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Forums: Enhancements and Feature Requests

t Tim
on September 8, 2010

Hi Dave,


This is something that's been put up for consideration along with some other website and documentation related improvements. At this time I don't have any guarantees on what we will and will not end up doing (or when it'll happen, since the deciding factor usually ends up being time), but that kind of thing is on our radar.


We definitely factor in community feedback when deciding what to prioritize, so hearing what's important to you guys is helpful. As always, we'll keep you updated as things move along.




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