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It would be a nice enhancement/feature to user choose between multiple versions of the NCI CDISC SDTM CT list. In some cases, a study may have been conducted utilizing an earlier version; albeit, may also be concurrently producing another study with a recent version. Therefore, it would be beneficial to have the option in choosing as to which version of the CT a user wishes to produce validation results from. This is a definite need when one considers the CT as a living document, one that continously evolves.


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m Michael
on August 4, 2011

While you can't choose in the UI, I think you can just replace your \config\data\SDTM Terminology.txt with whatever version of NCI you want.   The validator will use a file with that name and in that directory.   I'll confirm this with the dev team.

m Mike
on August 5, 2011


This poses a slight problem for a services company, especially when multiple users access the application via a central location a la remote desktop access. Assuming that a drop down menu could be implemented, then this would easily solve the problem between past/current/future versions. Again, a great feature to have in the next release.

Thanks again

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