We are excited to announce the release of Pinnacle 21 Community 3.1.2. This minor patch release only changes the version of JRE that we use.

Pinnacle 21 Community version 3.1.2 (released 11-Jun-2021)

- Updated the version of bundled Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to OpenJDK 1.8.0_292 (enhancement)

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o Olga
on March 29, 2022

Could someone kindly suggest, when approximately we could expect Pinnacel 21 Community for SDDTM-IG 3.4?

on March 29, 2022


In general, a scope for P21 Community is based on standards and their versions supported by regulatory agencies. So far, all of them (FDA, PMDA and NMPA) do not except SDTM-IG 3.4.

Kind Regards,

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