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Dear P21 community, I run for the latest P21 for the report. But the CT2002 is not work for my report.

Before I use version 3.1.2, the version 2.2.0 can find out the extensible codelist issues. See attachment:


Does anyone who has the similar experience for this?

My P21 settings:

Configuration: configs\2010.1\SDTM-IG 3.2 (FDA).xml (No changes for Active)

CDISC SDTM CT Version: 2019-09-27

Software Version: 3.1.2    


Best Wishes,


Forums: SDTM

on January 25, 2022

Hi Hans,

I cannot reproduce your issue. It looks like there is some configuration problem on your side. For example, did you use fresh installation? Did your validator have access to internet to download CT files when you started validation?

Kind Regards,

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