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Please Clarify, DD0131 - rule expects that there is one to one match between Code list OID and Code list Name [Label] OR can we populate Common Code list Name for common variable [Example for Codelist OID=AE.DOMIN, DM.DOMAIN, CM.DOMAIN,... - can we have same Code list Name [Label] as "Domain Abbreviation" instead of "Domain Abbreviation (AE)" "Domain Abbreviation (DM)" "Domain Abbreviation (CM)",...? 

If we give same Code list Name [Label] for a set of Code list OID's then what could be the impact?

i.e., why don't we have common Code list Name [Label] for a common variable, because each variable can have separate Code list OID's.

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Forums: Define.xml

on July 5, 2022

"The Name attribute for CodeList (the CodeList Name) must be unique within Define.xml. Define-XML specification represents Codelists as CodeList elements within MetaDataVersion element."

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