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My question is about calculation within EDC (e.g. BMI). In Define-XML V2.1 type is "derived" and source is "sponsor". In addition should we flag these EDC calculations with DRVFL="Y" ? Or DRVFL is only populated to Y when a new record is added comparing with the source. 

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j Jozef
on May 17, 2022

My way (5 cents) ...
If the derivation is done in the EDC system and the investigator can inspect the result, then I do not set DRVFL to "Y", i.e. I consider the data point as "captured".
If the derivation is however done during SDTM generation, I definitely set DRVFL=Y. I presume this is the same as saying "when a record is added comparing with the source".

BTW, this is a question that is better asked at e.g. the LinkedIn "SDTM Experts" forum (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2758697/).

a Anne
on May 18, 2022

Thank you for the reply.

I send also the question to the LinkedIn "SDTM Experts".

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