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PARAMCD 'BESTRESP' is included in two ADaM datasets (ADRS and ADIRS), while PARAMCD 'CRHRESP' is only included in ADRS data. In the VLM section of the define file, the PARAMCD value of BESTRESP is repeated twice. Would you please address this issue? The define file was generated from an ADaM specs in excel file uploaded to P21E. 

The corresponding section of the define file is pasted below. Thanks for your help.

         <def:ValueListDef OID="VL.ADRS.AVALC">
            <ItemRef ItemOID="IT.ADRS.AVALC.ADRS.PARAMCD.EQ.ADRS.PARAMCD.EQ.6ab7657b342d0a08421a5611dfe9dba8e38e6628"
               <def:WhereClauseRef WhereClauseOID="WC.ADRS.PARAMCD.EQ.ADRS.PARAMCD.EQ.6ab7657b342d0a08421a5611dfe9dba8e38e6628"/>
            <ItemRef ItemOID="IT.ADRS.AVALC.ADRS.PARAMCD.EQ.30d96ee84185b27c34ff5d70fdcd9acb25dcc3ae"
               <def:WhereClauseRef WhereClauseOID="WC.ADRS.PARAMCD.EQ.30d96ee84185b27c34ff5d70fdcd9acb25dcc3ae"/>

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