Excel Spec Instructions

September 16, 2015


I am using OpenCDISC 2.02 to generate define.xml version 2.0, however i need help if there is a document that show, how to fill in details in the Excel Spec?

1) Specificially the example from CDISC shows a link to the .sas code of adam production dataset, what to enter in to show that hyperlink between Document and sas code.

2) Comments are duplicating, from analysis dataset section to the Comments section on the bottom(is this how it should be?).

Thank you for your help in advance.


I believe you are confusing XML with the rendition of XML in a browser through an XSL stylesheet.
Please understand that the stylesheet is not part of the standard, but just an example.

It might be worth reading this blog entry:



By entering your documents on the documents tab, and referencing them on the Comments or Methods tab and generating your Define.xml, you will get links to those documents in your define.xml when shown using the stylesheet.  

If you send me the excel spec or define.xml, I'll review the comment duplicates (support@pinnacle21.net) to see what is happening.

thanks, travis

Is there an example Excel spreadsheet which illustrates some of the functionality of the Pinnacle21 converter? For instance, we've discovered that where-clauses can be ANDed together if the number entered for order on the ValueLevel tab is kept the same for both clauses. It is also possible for the right hand side of IN statements to have their decodes automatically populated if codelists are provided. But we've found both of these things out by accident! Is there an example spreadsheet somewhere which illustrates this type of functionality?