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SDTM allows FA to be broken into FAxx datasets, just as SUPP can be broken into SUPPxx datasets. OpenCDISC will process SUPPxx datasets but not FAxx datasets. I can work around this by combining all my FAxx datasets into a single FA for the purposes of OpenCDISC checking, but that's a bit of a pain. Can the tool be enhanced to process both FA and FAxx datasets?

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m Michael
on March 2, 2012

Hi Randall.

This was a known issue for 1.2.1.   Good news is that we plan to release OpenCDISC Validator 1.3 middle of this month.  This release will also have the following bundled with it..


  1. ADaM 1.1 validation checks including community user feedback
  2. SEND 3.0 validation checks
  3. SDTM 3.1.2 Amendment 1
BTW, i sent a bunch of findings for the current ADaM 1.1/1.2 checks that may interest you.
Take Care
Mike DiGiantomasso
OCV ADaM team lead


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