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I'm curious if we could get a fix (or explanation) for a few validation issues we've spotted in the EG domain for SEND 3.0.  Specifically, the two identified are below:

1.  "Variable is in wrong order within domain" for EGLEAD:  In the dataset, EGLEAD is correctly placed after EGNAM and before EGMETHOD, in accordance with the SEND Implementation Guide 3.0.  

2.  We no longer receive the "EGSTRESC value not found in 'ECG Result' extensible codelist" warning in SEND 3.0:  I'm not sure why this warning is present in SEND 3.1 validation configuration but not SEND 3.0 validation configuration. 

If there are any answers or reasons behind the configuration for EG in SEND 3.0, please let me know.  I was able to easily create a custom SEND 3.0 configuration file to address these issues, but I would much rather prefer an official solution/update in Pinnacle 21.  Please let me know if there are additional questions or clarifications required.



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