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  1. Use P21E to validate the define.xml version2. Currently, our company created a Linux utility m-mkxml2  to create and upload the define.xml version2 to P21E for validation. I tried to put only the define.xml and define2-0-0.xsl in the .zip package and upload to P21E for validation. And there seems no report created for define.xml. So just wonder how other companies get the P21E define.xml v2 validation report if they did not use the Linux m-mkxml2 -e utility. Is there other way to get the P21E define.xml v2 validation report other than using the Linux utility?


  1. Can we use the P21E to validate define.xml version 1. Our company's Linux utility m-mkxml does not have the function to upload the define.xml version 1 to P21E for validation.

Thank you very much.

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on March 8, 2021

Hi Junying, 

Please note that this forum is design for support of Community users only. Please use Enterprise Support options instead.

As a short summary to your question.

1. I have no idea about your internal custom utility program and do not think that it is utilized outside of your company. Contact P21 Enterprise Support for help.

2. We do not provide validation for Define-XML v1.0. This standard is not supported any more by any regulatory agency. 

Kind Regards,

j junying
on March 9, 2021

Hi Sergiy,


Thank you so much for your help. This is very helpful.




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