d Daniel


Two suggestions:

1. I was wondering if you could add a link or print the line number of the define that violates the rule.  In the error report it will say something like Rule XXXXX: ItemRef blah blah blah violated 143 times, but I have like 2000 ItemRefs and it's hard to pinpoint.  Line number would help.  Is that possible?


2. Is there a known list of errors that cause WebSDM to abort the load?  There may be known errors/warnings in the metadata that we are willing to live with but still want it to at least load into WebSDM.  Can you pinpoint those?


The time this saves me developing is astronomical.  Instead of FTPing it then uploading to WebSDM I just run it though this (3sec vs 15 minutes).




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m Max
on March 7, 2010

Hi Dan,


1.  Line numbers are not reliable in XML documents since they are calculated differently by various XML parsers. This is why we display the XPath in the reports instead. An XPath expression is like an XML address that can be used to navigate the XML document to locate the source of the issues. Most XML editors, like XML Spy, have an option to use XPath to jump directly to a node within the XML document.


2.  From what I understand, WebSDM will accept any define.xml as long as it validates against define.xml schema provided by CDISC. However, there are many limitations to what can be checked by define.xml schema, which means that WebSDM will accept documents with many potential issues. For example, schema validation will not catch missing referenced elements, nor will it catch duplicate elements. We recommend that any issues identified by OpenCDISC Validator as “Error” should be fixed before submitting data to FDA. This would significantly improve the quality of define.xml and the experience for reviewers.



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