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j James
on July 12, 2013

I think that this must be possible, as the OpenCDISC report is in Excel, but I cannot find a way to export the ruleset to Excel. I'd like to do this to provide guidance to the programmers on interpretting the rules.


Jim Miller

m Michael
on July 12, 2013

The ruleset is another tab in the excel report.  You should see these tabs in your report.  the Rules tab is what you want.

  1. Dataset Summary
  2. Issue Summary
  3. Details
  4. Rules
If you are looking for the details of the rules found in the config*.xml like the one below, you could at least view them with an editor like XMLSpy or Oxygen which may be better than the raw XML.
<val:Required ID="SD0002" Variable="%Variables.Core:Required%" Message="NULL value in %Variable% variable marked as Required" Description="Required variables (where Core attribute is 'Req') cannot be NULL for any records" Category="Presence" Type="Error"/>


s Sergiy
on July 12, 2013

Hi James, 

There are many ways to export rules into MS Excel. It depends on technology you are using.

E.g., now we work with OpenCDISC Enterprise which database has a capability to export checks in different formats like validator xml specifications you can find in validator package or custom Excel listings/reports.

A while ago, when we created our specs by XML editors and I generated custom Excel reports using SAS programs with SXL .map files created by "SAS XML Mapper" tool. Due to some minor changes in profiles' specifications schema I am not sure that my old SAS programs and SXL map files can work today.

My colleges in Pinnacle21 are using other tools.

The programming is quite simple if you have some experience with XML technology.

Kind Regards, 


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