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in the new privacy agreements there is the sentence

" ... As further described in Section 2, below, in the course of providing and supporting the Services, Pinnacle 21 may process some limited amounts of information regarding participants in studies, including but not limited to participants in clinical trials (the “Study Participants”) ..."

As we as a CRO are not the owners of the data we will not be able to grant the use of these data to others.

Does that mean that we cannot use the Pinncale 21 anymore?

Thanks for a short answer,

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on May 13, 2019

Hi Michael,

Our privacy policy currently covers Community, Enterprise, and our website users. The paragraph you are referring to only applies to Enterprise users. We realized that this could be confusing to our Community users and have been working on a brand new Privacy Center that will separate the terms by type of user. It's almost ready and will be posted in the next few weeks. A notice will show up in the tool, alerting users of an updated policy.

Best regards,

m Michael
on December 3, 2020


Is there any update on the privacy policy and how the mentionned paragraph on study participant's data was updated or not to clarify that it does not apply to Pinnacle Community ?

Best regards,


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