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No data in expected variable but i have populated variable to minimize warning from Pinnacle validation. but still pinnacle give message for variable length that shows 0 if i have populated variable with no data how can be possible to change length. 

Variables                   Values                Pinnacle 21 ID                            Message                                                                                  Categroy

Variable, Length        USUBJID, 0        SD1149                    Expected variable with missing value for all records                             Presence


 Thank You




Forums: SEND

on August 19, 2021

Hi Umang,

This is a new rule from CDISC teams (SDTM - CG0016 and SEND - #14).

'We consider it as a Notice message which requires manual confirmation that there is nothing wrong in your case. You need to document your study implementation as a Comment in define.xml and an issue explanation in Reviewers' Guide. 

Kind Regards,

u umang
on August 23, 2021

Thank you for your confirmation

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