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We got SD1339, "Missing EPOCH value, when a start or observation date is provided", firing in a DV domain where DVDTC is populated (date when the deviation was reported), but DVSTDTC/DVENDTC are missing (dates when the deviation occurred). Per SDTM-IG, EPOCH in DV is the "Epoch associated with the start date/time of the deviation". It should therefore not be tested against DVDTC.

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-- Thierry

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on February 6, 2020

Hi Thierry, 

Thank you for reporting this bug!

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s Sandra
on August 24, 2022



Was this fixed only for DV domain?  Guidance was added in SDTMIG 3.3 to clarify that "When EPOCH is included in a Findings class domain, it should be based on the --DTC variable, since this is the date/time of the test or, for tests performed on specimens, the date/time of specimen collection. For observations in Interventions or Events class domains, EPOCH should be based on the --STDTC variable, since this is the start of the Intervention or Event."  We are getting issues for SD1339 when a start date (STDTC) is null for an Event or Intervention record but collection date (DTC) is available, however collection date may not be reliable to appropriately assign EPOCH.  


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on August 25, 2022

Hi Sandy, 

SD1339 rule is designed for/by reviewers.

Now we plan to tune SD1339 rule. Here are some upcoming enhancements:

  • Split the rule for Findings and Intervention/Events where --DTC variable is not applicable.
  • Exclude records where *DY < 0
  • Add RFICDTC variable in algorithm to exclude records before subject informed consent

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