p Paula


I'm getting an SD9999 error that "Dataset AP class not recognized".  Is this because the check is not taking AP domains into account as recognized domains yet?

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s Sergiy
on January 10, 2019


It's correct. P21 Community 2.2.0 is quite outdated version. Please wait for the next release or consider Enterprise.



a Angelo
on May 13, 2019

Hi Sergyi,

any update on this? I can see AP are not yet supported by both Community (v3.0.0) and Enterprise.

Also the "SDTM Conformance Rules v1" (SDTMIG v3.2) released  on Conformance Rules v1.0 27Jan2017 has some specific checks for AP that are not implemented in any of the P21 version, for example CG01550-CG0162 and CG0366 and CG0367, any reason?

Essentialy all AP datasets, inclusing SQAP--, could be not validated with P21.

Thanks, Angelo

on May 14, 2019

Hi Angelo,

Actually, we implemented them. However, last minute before the release we found some related issue to be fixed and removed all AP rules.They will be re-introduced soon.

Kind Regards, 


a Angelo
on May 15, 2019

Thanks Sergiy

n Nienyin
on July 12, 2020

Could you please let us know when are you planning to re-introduce AP implementation? Otherwise, how should we explain the error message regarding to associated person domain?



Best Regards,


r Rajeshkanna
on September 16, 2021


I am using pinnacle 21 community 3.1.2 version and still getting the same message 'SD9999'.




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