b Barry


In the SDTM TV dataset, the variable ARMCD exists but no ARM variable exists.  The ARM variable in the study define.xml file has been listed as a key.  However, when the OpenCDISC Validator executes using both SDTM + define.xml, no errors are fired to indicate this problem.  Maybe the errors SD0054, SD0058, or SD0059 should have fired?  Not sure if maybe another rule should have fired?

Forums: Validation Rule Suggestions

s Sergiy
on December 11, 2014

Hi Barry, 

There is no check on consistency of define.xml Key Variables vs. variables actually present in datasets.

We are planning  a significant enhancement of define.xml validation soon. However it's not a part of the today's v2.0 release.

Thanks for your suggestion for new validation check.

Kind Regards, 


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