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1, At the Standards Area(or block): the block of type=CT was tested by imputing like figure1(F1.png) to achieve, i don't is this the correct way. my questions are: a prefix string "CDISC/NCI" seems added to the entry word, if i delete the "CDISC/NCI" from entry, the Standard order goes wrong(CT display before IG); also i don't know how to achieve the Documentation column's entry in spec, when i entry at Codelists sheet - Comment column(and Comment sheet to describe), the entried Description text goes to CodeLists Area of the Define-XML...

2, At the Datasets Area: the CDISC-Sample Define-XML can link to both SAS program and adrg for one dataset, seems our spec can just link to 1 Documentation(by entry at Datasets sheet - Comment column)

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