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CDISC released in 2012 an updated final standard for the TS domain, with new variables TSVALNF, TSVALCD, TSVCDREF and TSVCDVER.  The use of TSVALNF (null flavor) allows for null values of TSVAL, which would otherwise trip a validation error.

Will the next release of OpenCDISC accommodate the updated domain standard, and remove the error flag for null TSVAL when these variables are included with a nonnull TSVALNF value?

Thank you very much.


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s Sergiy
on January 22, 2013

Hi Joan, 

Thank you for this reminder! We will add some checks around TSVALNF into SDTM 3.1.3 profiles.

Kind Regard, 


a Ashwin
on July 26, 2018

Hi Sergiy,

 we are using 2.1.3 pinnacle21 validator using SDTM version 3.1.3 and we are getting this error, even when TSVALNF is populated, so is this rule not making a exception for TS domain ?

Kind Regards,


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