r Rajasekhar


Hi Team,

Please confirm how we can display the length for data types 'float'  and 'integer' at the variable level and value level.



For example Variable AVAL :

one of the AVAL values has 12.3456789123, 

Varible level : Length = 8 . Siginificant_Digits = 10

Value Level : Length = 13 , Significant_Digits = 10 

data_type= Integer

For example Variable AVAL :

one of the AVAL value has 123456789123, 

Varible level : Length = 8.

Value Level : Length = 12.


Please confirm do we need to display the length 8 for data types float and integer at value level or actual digits length have to display.


Thank you,




Forums: Define.xml

j Jozef
on June 22, 2022

Define-XML is based on ODM-1-3-1. So you should check the ODM-1-3-1 specification too.
There it is very clear:

ODM 1-3-1 specification SignificantDigits

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