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I have a where clause statement AWRANGE EQ 'Weeks 19-24'. However, when generating the define.xml from P21 Community, it converts the content of VALUE column to upper case letters (WEEKS 19-24) and when validating the define.xml together with the xpt datasets, it can't find any values with that kind of where statement (as the value available in data is 'Weeks 19-24' instead of 'WEEKS 19-24'). 

Below is a snap shot of excel spec from where the P21 generates the define.xml. 

Excel spec - WhereClause sheet

It seems that P21 automatically converts all the values to upper case while generating the xml. If there any tips how to avoid this kind of issues? 





Seems that the issue was due to the fact that Community version 4.0.0 no longer supports the WhereClause -tab. Instead the where clause is read from ValueLevel tab. This issue is now resolved. 

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h h
on September 11, 2023


I met the same issue. May I know how did you resolve it?

Did you change the specification template to use P21 4.0.0 and then update in VLM?


Thank you.

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