Pinnacle 21 Subprocessors

Current as of February 1, 2019 

Third Party Service/Vendor Purpose Website
Amplitude  Product analytics
Atlassian  Customer service and bug tracking
AWS Amazon  Cloud hosting
Box  File sharing and storage
ChurnZero Customer journey analysis and customer communication
Datadog Operational monitoring and analytics
FullStory  Customer experience tracking
Google Analytics Website analytics
Google G Suite Email service and document management
GoToWebinar Webinars  Customer relationship management
Intercom  In-app help and customer communication
MailChimp Email marketing
Microsoft Office 365  Email service and document management
QuickBooks  Customer invoicing and financial reporting
RingCentral  Support call routing
Salesforce  Customer relationship management
SCORM Cloud  Customer online training
Segment Product analytics
Slack  Internal communication
SurveyMonkey  Customer surveying
Threat Stack Intrusion detection monitoring
WebEx  Video conferencing and online meetings
Wufoo Form builder and lead capture

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