Technical support questions about ADaM standard and validation rules

February 19, 2024

According to FDA standards catalog the requirement for ADaMIGv1.3 starts on 15March2024. Do you already know when this Data Standard can be validated by Pinnacle Community?

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June 16, 2023

I'm getting this error message for numeric variables now. Do we need to fix the numeric variable length in ADaM now? Thanks

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December 5, 2022

The USUBJID in BDS is actually the same as ADSL.USUBJID. However, the STUDYID of some records in BDS is different from ADSL.STUDYID because these records in BDS come from an extension study of the parent study. This is an integrated analysis of safety which includes the parent study and the extension study. USUBJID in both studies are the same and the STUDYID values of the 2 studies are different.

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October 11, 2022

Hi Team,

I am getting AD0221 error for CHGCAT1 as value inconsistent with CHG values.

getting  error for record 

Record   PARAMCD   CHG                       CHGCAT1

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September 22, 2022

Hi Team,

I am using the P21 community version P2120210.1 and ADaM IG 1.1 

I am getting AD0018 error for the below variable labels.

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September 5, 2022

Hi Team,

We are getting AD0018 : variable label mismatch between dataset and ADaM standard for AENDTM and ASTDTM.

The labels are defined as below currently.


AENDTM  : Analysis End Datetime

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August 22, 2022

Is there a way to have AD0221 not fire on the variable ACAT1? We have a purpose for this variable in a BDS structure and the variable is not categorizing an AVAL like the other CAT variables. The rule for AD0221 says: Within a study, All *CATy values must be the same for each unique value of the variable it categorizes within a PARAMCD. [AVAL:AVALCATy], [AVALC:AVALCATy], [BASE:BASECATy], [BASEC:BASECATy], [CHG:CHGCATy], [PCHG:PCHGCATy].  A category may be the same across values.

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May 30, 2022

Hi All,


I have a question about ADaM generation.

An attempt was made to create an ADaM using only SDTM. However, SDTM was generated without some derived variable and ADaM programming team requested the variable without any changes to the SDTM.

So, unfortunately,  we created another DB containing the derived variable. The format of DB is not SDTM.

In the end, ADaM will be generated using SDTM and seperated DB (including derived variable).


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December 30, 2021

Recently one of our programmers cut and paste text from an external document to populate variables.


Here is an example.  I can see that those single quotes pasted in are odd.

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December 18, 2021

Hi,  I have the variables A1HI and A1IND for a dataset ADLB which is CDISC compliant.

I get the pinnacle error AD0352, "None of A1LO, A1HI, A1LOC, or A1HIC variables is present, when A1IND is present" though I can see A1HI in the dataset.

Can you please help to resolve this.


Thank you

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