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Downloaded new Pinnacle Community 3.0.1 and stuck with "Validation has started"

August 30, 2019

I just downloaded the new community 3.0.1 validator and trying to validate few XPTs and it says "Validating Data.. " Validation has started" but it seems to be stuck and not progressing.

Previous community Version does validation without any issues. 

Any idea what went wrong?


Difference between 2.2.0 and pinnacle21 V3.01 validation rules

August 19, 2019

I was searching for difference in the rules between 2.2.0 and pinnacle21 V3.01 but I could not find much, if there is a list that shows the difference please could you share it? I could find this link but it is very high level.


Pinnacle 21 Community 3.0.0 - software updates (FDA engine, CDISC CT, UNII and NDF-RT)

August 13, 2019

We are planning to setup a Virtual Machine with the Pinnacle software
for use by our organization.  We want to maintain  the same set of versions (CDISC CT, UNII, NDF-RT, FDA engine)
for all the reports in a study so we are planning on not having the virtual machine
connected to the internet so the definitions are not updated during a study. 

If we want to update the versions after we complete a study how can we do that?
Does the software check for updates each time it starts or is there some algorithm

Pinnacle 21 Enterprise needed for creating regulatory submission ?

June 6, 2018


 Do we need P21 Enterprise to create regulatory submission?  We are trying to do the following:

 1. validate the data.

2. create define.xml

3. validate data against define.xml

4. create analysis result metadata for ADaM.

4. Not sure, if we need to have coding dictionaries loaded in P21 for any validation purposes? 

Can we do all of the above tasks using community version or do we need Enterprise version?