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I can only display define.xml with stylesheet define2-0-0.xsl in Internet Explorer, and cannot show in Microsoft Edge, which is upgraded version and replace IE. Do you have solution (provide new stylesheet)?

Also, how to display define.xml in Google Chrome, Firefox or other browsers?

Jimmy Zhao




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l Lex
on July 2, 2020

More likely a security issue than a stylesheet issue:


You could use an XSLT processor to create an HTML rendition that opens in any browser.

Lex Jansen

a amparo
on January 6, 2022

Hi Lex Jansen,

same question here, is there any recommend XSLT processor software? thanks


j Jozef
on January 6, 2022

Lex will surely also have his preferences ... :-)
My favorite is oXygen XML Editor for all XML and XSLT work. But you can also e.g. use the free Saxon HE libraries (https://www.saxonica.com/download/download_page.xml) and then do transformation either from line command or write a little Java (or C++, Python, ...) program (10-20) lines that uses the library. And ... Google is your friend ...

l Lex
on January 6, 2022

There are many XSLT processors. Josef already mentioned a few. Personally I use Oxygen XML for all my XML work.But depending on your environment there are many choices. You could use Powershell in Windows, or PROC XSL when you are a SAS programmer. Also, Python and R have libraries to do XSLT transformations. Lots of choices!

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