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Hi, I have internet connection in my laptop. In spite of having internet connection in my laptop I always get a message "No internet connection" on the top of the validator.

Can someone help me to resolve this issue?

Thank You


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on September 10, 2020

Hi Navin, 

I think that it's due to firewall settings in your organization. Please contact your IT team.

Kind Regards,

j Jozef
on September 11, 2020

To extend on Sergiy's answer and to provide you with more information that you will need when you go to your IT team, beyond "it doesn't work":

P21 uses port 443 to connect to the "update" server. 443 is "HTTPS", so this port should normally be open on the firewall, at least for browsers.
It can however be that your IT department has blocked port 443 for other applications than browsers.
Your IT department will however surely refuse to open port 443 for all applications, and ask you for the IP number of the P21 server, to program a rule exception. The problem however is that P21 uses AWS (Amazon Web Services), which uses pools of IP numbers and "elastic IP numbers".

Some earlier entries on this topic:

You can always contact me directly - I have worked on this problem for several customers in Europe.

on September 11, 2020

Hi Navin, 

In P21 Community v3.1 that's coming in a few weeks, we will address the problem with "elastic IP numbers" and provide detailed instructions for your IT department.

Kind Regards,

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