g Gary


The aCRF opens when I access it through the first link available in the top left corner of the define in the side bar. But when I try to access the individual pages associated with the variables, I am not able to. Could you please let me know what am I doing wrong? Thanks

Please see the snapshots of SDTM define, variables tab of define.xlsx, how the acrf is referenced in the documents tab of define.xlsx, attached. 


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j Jozef
on January 23, 2021

Hi Gary,

We cannot see your attachments / snapshots.
I just presume there is an error in the generated define.xml. Did you try to open it in an XML editor or using Notepad++ and inspect it?
Then, at least if you have ever looked into the Define-XML specification (https://www.cdisc.org/standards/data-exchange/define-xml), you will probably immediately find what the problem in the underlying code is. Also, what stylesheet did you use? Can you please let us know? The stylesheet is the responsibility of the sponsor, so do not just use anything that you find or get from others.
Also not a bad idea to take a 1-day (or online) CDISC Define-XML training. They are given by team members of the CDISC Define-XML Development Team like me. After that, Define-XML will have no secrets anymore, and you will be able to solve problems like the one you describe in just minutes.
You can of course always contact me offline.

on March 12, 2021

Hi Gary, 

What do you use as a separator for a list of pages? It should be a space/blank symbol. Common error is when users utilized a comma character instead.

Kind Regards,

m Marlena
on June 24, 2021

Hi all-- wondering if this issue was resolved, and if so what needs to be fixed? I am having the same problem. My colleagues and I have not yet been able to figure out the edit needed to the xml or style sheet.

j Jozef
on June 25, 2021


I am not a great fan of "black box" software and especially not of using Excel for generating a "specification" (Excel is great for financial and bookkeeping).
I strongly prefer "idiot-proof" software where you can immediately see what the result looks like.

I can only recommend to use an editor (e.g. NotePad++) that supports XML (do NOT use WordPad or Word or such), and then look for the corresponding PDFPageRef elements, and compare what you have with what is in the define.xml specification (available from the CDISC website).
Two examples below, one for a single page, and one for a "list" of individual pages.

Example define.xml snippet

There is also a way to define a continous range, using "FirstPage" and "LastPage", but I do not know whether that is supported by Pinnacle21. Example below.

using a continous range of pages

And, last but not least, I strongly recommend to take the 1-day "Define-XML" class from CDISC. After that, you will be a real Define-XML specialist.

With best regards,

a Andrei
on May 30, 2022

Hi to all!

We've faced the same problem and found an answer how to work with it in updated Pinnacle version with Define 2.1

In previous version CRF individual pages associated with the variables were stated on the "Variable" sheet.
In the current version it works slightly different, you should fill it on the "Comments" sheet (there are "Page" and "Document" columns), 

Additionally, 3 columns you should fill on the "Documents" sheet (for instance, ID=acrf; Title=Annotated CRF; Href=aCRF.pdf).

"Document" column in "Comments" sheet need to be equal an "ID" column on the "Documents" sheet.

Best regards,
TuneCT group.

a Amit
on June 13, 2022


Is the updated way of mentioning the CRF pages not cumbersome? Since now we have to create ID for each annotated CRF variable and mention the same in comments TAB as well. How do you mention the description column in "comments" tab . Since the origin of the variable will be CRF.

Should the pages column in variable Tab be left Blank?




a Amit
on June 20, 2022


The above solution seems to work with 2.1 version however the page numbers are coming as duplicate .




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