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I am using Pinnacle version 3.1.0 to validate (and first of all to generate) my define.xml file and this error occurred:

DD0001: Cannot find the declaration of element 'ODM' using the namespace(s) found on the element. Confirm that 'ODM' is allowed in the Define.xml Standard and has the correct namespace(s).

I tried everything I could possibly find to solve this problem - I checked the hidden characters, I checked blanks at the beginning, I checked all the namespaces: 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="define2-0-0.xsl"?>
     SourceSystem="Pinnacle 21 Community"

I also tried to put my config files to the Latin-only char path, I am using encoding UTF-8, and I even did the validation against define-2-0-0.xsd scheme using Notepad++ (which showed no error).

Could you please advice what else should I try?

Thanks a lot in advance.



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j Jozef
on May 11, 2021

When such an error occurs, the best way is to open the file in an XML-editor (e.g. oXygen XML editor, but there is a large number of such on the market, Notepad++ is not always my first choice), and then:
- first check whether the XML is "well-formed", i.e. whether it obeys the basic rules of XML. Every such editors has a button to do so.
If the XML is well-formed, proceed to the next step:
- validate the file against the XML-Schema. If the Define-XML version used is 2.0, validate against define-2-0-0.xsd.
If there is anything wrong, each of the 2 steps will tell you exactly why.
If the file passes these two tests, there probably is something very wrong with the validation software.

Please allways feel free to send the Define-XML file to me - I am one of the (co)developers of the Define-XML standard. My mail address is easy to find out.


p Paulina
on May 11, 2021

Thank you very much for quick response and advices.


I tried to check XML syntax as per your recommendation of checking if XML is "well formed" and it has showed no problem whatsoever. Neither has validation against the schema...

Is there any possibility that the error is false positive?




on May 11, 2021

Hi Paulina, 

Could  you send your define.xml file to us for diagnostics?

Thank you,

sergiy (at) pinnacle21 (dot) com

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