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I am validating a define.xml generated by P21 community and it generates the OD0021 Invalid Language value. The define was created using specs(from old define) generated by P21 community.

This  is an example value for the issue is below:

5003, <TranslatedText xml:lang="">PD24SHC</TranslatedText>

Can you please help with debugging the issue.



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on August 23, 2021

Hi Hareesh, 

You have a missing value in xml:lang attribute.

It's "optional" attribute. So, you have two options to solve this issue:

1. Populate some valid value. For example, xml:lang="en"

2. Do not include this attrinute. For example, <TranslatedText>PD24SHC</TranslatedText>

Kind Regards,

h Hareesh
on August 24, 2021

Thanks Sergiy for the response. But I am creating the define using Pinnacle 21 community. Can you please let me know how I can resolve the issue then. The specs are also generated from P21 community.

on August 25, 2021

Simple fix (option #1 above) is to enter "en" value into cell b7 (Language attribute) in "Study" tab of your excel specs file. Then, regenerate define.xml in Community tool.

Kind Regards,

j Jozef
on August 26, 2021

To extend to Sergiy's answer ...
"xml:lang" is a basic XML element (so not only used in Define-XML and ODM), it is internationally standardized, and for which the empty value is forbidden. This also means that when validating against the XML-Schema (always the first step to be done during the validation), you will get an XML-Schema error.
As it is an optional attribute, you can leave it out if there is only one language you want to support, whatever that language is.
Remark that leaving out xml:lang is not the same as setting xml:lang="en", i.e. "en" is not the default at all - there is no default language.
For a submission to the FDA though, setting it to "en" makes sense.

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