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Define.xml is too slow to open in IE and also slow when clicking the links within the define.  Sometimes, the define opens or the links go right away and other times it hangs for over a minute or so before it goes to the desired part.  Should there be specific settings for the internet browser to reduce the lag?

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j Jozef
on September 4, 2021

Looks like a problem with the XSLT processor within IE ...
Not all browsers automatically transform the XML using the XSLT stylesheet to HTML anymore ...
What one can do is to generate the HTML oneself using any tool that has XSLT support - every XML editor has this capability. Then store the generated HTML to file (e.g. naming it define.html) and use that for visualization. You can then use that using any other modern browser (as far as I know, IE is not supported by MS anymore).
If it then still runs slow, there is something with your stylesheet.

As your question has little to do with Pinnacle21, you can also post such questions to the LinkedIn Define-XML forum: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4975366/

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