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I'm getting errors in SQAPMH.
SD0058: Variable appears in dataset, but is not in SDTM model
SD0057: SDTM Expected variable USUBJID not found

Class seems to be recognized as a RELATIONSHIP, but what validation rules are being applied ?
(Are the current validation rules the same as the general SUPPxx??)

We have Pinnacle 21 Community 3.1.2.
This errors are the same for both PMDA (1810.3) and FDA (2010.1) Engines.

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on October 27, 2021

Hi A, 

Unfortunately Associated Persons domains are not supported by P21C 3.1.2. We will add this support soon.

Sorry for inconvenience. 

Kind Regards,


a A
on October 31, 2021

Hi Siergy,

I understand. Thanks for your help.

Kind Regards.

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