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Can Pinnacle 21 V3.1.2 validate define xml v2.1 ? 


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on November 2, 2021

No, it will be available in the next release.

e Ella
on November 29, 2021

Hi Sergiy,

Is it supposed to work on define v2.0? I cannot validate define.xml (v2.0) either by P21C v3.1.2. There is no DDXXX issues on my report. Thank you.


on December 6, 2021

Hi Ella, 

Validation of define.xml is tricky because some metadata from your deifne.xml file is used as parameters for validation. For example, P21 engine reads version of Define-XML standard from your define.xml file and applies all applicable rules. If this information is not correct or not applicable, validation process may go the wrong way. For example, if you use Define-XML 2.1 standard which is not yet supported by P21 Community, then validation of define.xml may stop or use some incorrect default settings.

So, if you try to validate Define-XML 2.1 with Define-XML 2.0 rules, you need to change standard version in your define.xml file before validation.

Kind Regards,

j Jozef
on December 7, 2021

The rules for Define-XML 2.1 can be rather different. They have been published at: https://www.cdisc.org/standards/foundational/define-xml/conformance-rules-define-xml-v2-1
Also some people do have already implemented these rules in e.g. Schematron. Easy to implement ...
Furthermore, changing def:StandardVersion is completely insufficient for "downgrading" a define-xml 2.1 to 2.0.
The elements of the two versions "live" in two different XML namespaces:
For Define-XML 2.1, the XML namespace is: "http://www.cdisc.org/ns/def/v2.1"
For Define-XML 2.0, the XML namespace is: "http://www.cdisc.org/ns/def/v2.0"
One can compare this with different countries in Europe. For example: the Vatican "lives" in Italy, the Alhambra "lives" in Spain.
So, trying to validate Define-XML 2.1 files with 2.0 rules, is like looking for construction errors in the Vatican ... in Spain.
You can always contact me for more information.
Jozef Aerts
CDISC Define-XML Development Team.

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