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I have recently noticed that when generating a ADaM Define spec the WhereClauses sheet is no longer there. Also when filling out the ValueLevel sheet I can no longer get any VLM on the Define XML. 

Forums: Define.xml

on May 17, 2022

Hi Chris,

The new enhanced Excel template we adopted starting in Community 4.0 no longer includes a WhereClauses worksheet. Many users complained that this worksheet was cumbersome and so we simplified the way Where Clauses are defined by allowing users to describe them directly on the ValueLevel worksheet in column D--titled "Where Clause".

Values you enter here can be in the form of:

  • Simple where clauses, e.g.,: DATESTCD EQ DISPAMT
  • Compound where clauses, e.g.: LBTESTCD EQ BILI and LBCAT EQ CHEMISTRY and LBSPEC EQ BLOOD

There is no longer a need to define where clauses on another worksheet and then link them together using a unique identifier.

I hope this helps.


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