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Is there a way to have AD0221 not fire on the variable ACAT1? We have a purpose for this variable in a BDS structure and the variable is not categorizing an AVAL like the other CAT variables. The rule for AD0221 says: Within a study, All *CATy values must be the same for each unique value of the variable it categorizes within a PARAMCD. [AVAL:AVALCATy], [AVALC:AVALCATy], [BASE:BASECATy], [BASEC:BASECATy], [CHG:CHGCATy], [PCHG:PCHGCATy].  A category may be the same across values.

Forums: ADaM

on August 25, 2022

Hi Rob, 

My suggestion is to follow ADaM-IG and use different names for your variables which look have different meaning than ADaM *CATy variables.

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