AD0246: CNSR is present but both ADT and ADTM are not present.

April 21, 2015

Hi, i have variable ADT (but no ADTM) in the ADAM TTE dataset but still get this error.


Is the rule that EITHER ADT or ADTM need to be present rather than both needing to be present? Times may not be collected.

This will be fixed in the next version.  It should only require ADT or ADTM.   You can fix AD0247 yourself by modifying the rule config to use parens and an @OR clause instead of @AND as in

AD0247: CNSR is populated but AVAL, STARTDT and one of [ADT, ADTM]  are not populated

test = AVAL     != '' @and STARTDT  != '' @and (ADT != '' @or ADTM != '')


For AD0245, this may have to be split back out as 2 separate checks which is unfortunate.

AD0245: CNSR is present,then STARTDT and one of (ADT or ADTM) must be present



Is it possible to update rule AD0246 to allow for either STARTDT or STARTDTM to be present?  We have a dataset that relies on times.  We have only defined STARTDTM and ADTM in the dataset.  This should be permissible.