s Saurabh


Is it possible to add .sas7bdat file format as input datasets along with xpt file format?

If yes, then may be this link will be helful http://sassyreader.eobjects.org/


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s Sergiy
on October 1, 2013

Hi Saurabh, 

The initial scope of OpenCDISC project was limited to industry standards, regulatory requirements and open technologies. SAS XPORT v5 is an open format and can be easily used by many tools. This is why it was chosen by FDA as a data submission format.   

.sas7bdat is a SAS proprietary format which cannot be implemented in open source solutions. You need to pay some special license to SAS Institute based on your usage.

Also keep in mind that .sas7bdat format is very specific to particular operation system. E.g., Windows, UNIX or Mainframe. If you create you dataset by SAS in UNIX, you cannot read your data in SAS Windows. That's why SAS XPORT format was initially introduced. Its major goal was to transfer data between different SAS environments.

The Java library you refer to is limited to a SAS native format created under Windows 32-bit. Its implementation to OpenCDISC validator will not resolve the initial problem.

The .sas7bdat format is under full commercial control by SAS Institute. Yes, there are options to work directly with it. However you need to be prepared for high cost due to special SAS licenses.

For additional details and request on commercial support of OpenCDISC you can contact Pinnacle21 .



s Saurabh
on October 1, 2013

Hi Sergiy,

Thank you so much for provide in detail response.

I have one more general query,

In Validator version 1.4.1, Is there specfic reason to use encoding="UTF-8" in config reules compare to previous encoding="ISO-8859-1"?

I am asking because, I know both encoding will work in validator. But, Is there any enhancement by using "UTF-8" in new version?

Thanks and Kind Regards,


s Sergiy
on October 1, 2013

We've recently switched to more universal encoding. But it does not have any impact. 


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