b Brian


We can no longer run the validator with our SDTMs as we now get this message with the new V1.3:


java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The property Subname is not set at org.opencdisc.validator.model.EntityDetails.getProperty(EntityDetails.java:286)

at org.opencdisc.validator.model.EntityDetails.getString(EntityDetails.java:264)

at org.opencdisc.validator.report.ExcelReporter.createDetails(ExcelReporter.java:752)

at org.opencdisc.validator.report.ExcelReporter.closes(ExcelReporter.java:154)

at org.opencdisc.validator.DefaultValidator.Validate(DefaultValidator.java:425)

at org.opencdisc.validator.gui.ValidatorClient.ProcessMonitor.run(ValidatorClient.java:1720)


Any help will be appreciated.


Kind regards,



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